Call Pilot 4.0

Does anyone know what exactly is meant in the enhancements for CP 4.0 when it says "provides access to voice mails from any browser enabled PC and Blackberry devices"?

I am confused because Call Pilot has always had the "outcalling" feature where it would call you on your cell phone and tell you that you have a message and all that.

But this is suggesting it is a new feature so I am not sure exactly what it does.

Anyone know?


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I have set this up but the customer does not use it much. Using a feature called Desktop messaging and Outlook on the PC, when the CP is on a network they can receive VM notifications on their PC, play them through their speakers, forawrd, delete etc. Also through a VPN. But wait, it could do that in 1.0. I haven't seen a 4.0 yet so I am just blowing smoke.


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