Checkpoint 4.0 FW blocks VPN tunnel traffic

I have a Checkpoint 4.0 FW and am trying to get a Symantec Enterprise VPN client to pass data to an external Symantec VPN box from behind my CP firewall. Te client works if it is not behind the checkpoint firewall.

When the clinet is behind the firewall, the tunnel is established but data doesn't seem to pass. Using the same computer from either the DMZ or home ISP, there isn't any problem with connecting and passing data.

I do not want to set up a permanent VPN between the CP and Symantec boxes, but I want users with VPN clients installed to tunnel through the CP to the Symantec box.

Does anyone know if there is a way to pass data from behind a Checkpoint firewall, through a VPN tunnel, to a Symantec VPN box. Again the symantec client indicates the tunnel connection is successful.



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Check Point 4.0 had problems allowing VPN clients to pass through it and generally did not work. Check Point did not fully support this until later versions of 4.1, so your solution is to upgrade. However, 4.0 & 4.1 are no longer supported, so I would suggest going to NG.

"Jeff>" I have a Checkpoint 4.0 FW and am trying to get a Symantec Enterprise

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