Is it possible to use windows 2000 professional's VPN client to connect to Nortel VPN router?

Anyone know if it's possible to use Windows 2000 Professional's built-in VPN capabilities to connect to a Nortel Contivity VPN system?

We have Nortel Contivity 1010 VPN router. I have setup a few XP clients using windows built-in capabilites but I am having issues with a 2000 pro laptop. I wanted to know if I need to use Nortel's client software or am I just not configuring things properly with the windows

2000 laptop.
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I don't have a win 2k install handy.

But if memory serves correctly win 2k uses a pptp client.

In your 1010 try the following:

Under profiles -> users

Make sure that the user has a user id and a password set for PPTP

Under pez wrote:

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The issue was a setting on the VPN adapter. (properties>[networking tab]>[settings]> I needed to uncheck 'Negotiate multi-link for single connections'. For some reason this was enabled and was preventing me from browsing the LAN once I was given an IP address from the VPN pool. wrote:

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