Call forward delay for dummies

Hey Guys,

I have a Meridian Otion 11 version 2111 release 25.

OK, so my company decides to make the telecoms person redundant, and I have no training yet. I have had a request to change the ring delay on a call forward. At the moment it ring about 3 times, then goes to voicemail.

Can someone please give me step by step guide for changing this delay ? I've looked in various loaders, but can't see anything obvious.

Sooner I get training the better :D

Any help appreciated.

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Log into the system,

go to LD 15 Reg: chg type: RDR

* *
  • Cfno: 2 Choose any number of ring cycles from 1-15 cfn1: 6 " cnf2: 12 "

go to LD 11

Reg: chg Type: (phone type, ie 2616) TN: Loop,shelf,card,unit echg: yes item: RCO RCO: choose 0 or 1 or 2 to correspond to the number of ring cycles in LD 15

All phones will default to RCO 0. To choose particular phones use 1 or

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Excellent ! Thankyou very much !



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