Ms-VPN Over Contivity


Wonder if anyone can help or shed light on this one for me.

I've a working Nortel Contivity VPN solution, allowing me to VPN into our corporation network - no problems.

However, within our corporate network sits my section and we're firewalled off with PIX's using NAT and an ISA 2003 server, with one interface, mainly for proxy stuff. In our secure part of the network we've DNS / AD etc. etc. Worth noting we use the address in

our section and corporatley.

What i'd like to do is VPN in the Corporate network, then use ISA2003 to VPN in my section so i can login to AD etc. etc.

I've created the VPN stuff on the ISA server (allowed VPN clients to access all internal and external networks) and configured our PIX to let any traffic inbound or outbound from the ISA server.

on my PC at home i've setup the MS-VPN client, and can get authenticated and issued a 192.168.x.x IP address from my section DHCP server. I can even resolve DNS names. But that's it, i can PING, TELNET, SNMP etc. etc.

Apologies for the essay.


Flanshaw Guy.

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