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I have a CallManager 4.0.1. I created a route patter 9.@ using NANP. When I dial a local number 456-7890, there is a 10-second delay before CallManager sending it to the gateway. However, if I dial long distance number

1-408-456-7890, CallManager send the call immediately. I know the 10-second delay can be changed system-wise but I want to keep it. Is there any way to have CallManager send calls to gateway immediately for local number? Thank you, Yoshi
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This is educated guesswork since I am quite new to CM. I may look it up later.

I have Cisco IP telephony ISBN 1587051575 which is pretty good..

I think that you need a pattern in the dial plan that matches your local numbers.

e.g. matches 456xxxx

If it can't find an exact match call manager waits for a timeout and then does the with it's best match pattern.

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There might be RP in your route plan which is acurate match for

14084567890,if not you could provide a callmanager trace and will let u know how that call is routing , In order to solve this inter digit timeout ,you could make two RP ,one ending with # and generic one and then press # to avoid this delay.

Hope this helps

Thanks Aman

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This is most likley caused by the inter-digit timout setting on your CallManager Server. (Q902 I Beleive) Check this under Services - CallManager and search for inter-digit timeout. HTH

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