Meridian Option 81C Release 5


Anyone out there using a Meridian Option 81C running Release 5? I'm thinking of upgrading from version 4, any issues?


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No, it's a Meridian 1 Option 81C although the system software is now called Communication Server 1000 Release 5. CS1000 was formerly called Succession 1000.

Any one else as confused as I am?

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In the UK the latest version of Software is version 5. It applies to all platforms Succession and Meridian (CS1000M). There are some fairly big hardware changes particularly to an 81C (CS1000M multi group in the UK) some bits can be upgraded (sig server you had gone full IP) or you can change to the new CPPM Sig server. I would have a long talk with your distributor and make sure they have been formally updated by Nortel. Some products have gone end of life as a result. In brief the CS1000 Succession is more secure and is available as "high availability" (HA) as well as several other enhancements. What specifically are you after?



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We are looking at the same upgrade on a 61C and an 11C.

I have talked to a few users in our INNUA group that have gone through the upgrade and they claim that it was fairly smooth. I belong to the Ottawa Region Easter Ontario users group. You will have a group available to you where ever you are that can help you through this and many other Nortel related questions / issues. The membership cost is minimal and the rewards are quite beneficial. If you need help locating your local group go to

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If you still have issues don't hesitate to contact me and I can point you in a direction.

John Mitchell

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