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We are currently running a citrix server on our LAN network. The remote clients at our other plants are connecting trought the Citrix Neighbourhood and are using the desktop share,( looks like terminal service). Now I am working on getting the webbased MetaFrame working so that the rest or our employees can access Company items from home. After publishing some applications, adding the DNS entry for the and portforwarding all the ports listed on Citrix's site, I still can not launch applications from outside the Network. Everything works great from in the LAN. I can launch applications, and everything, however, when I try connecting from outside the network, I unable to launch any applcations. I am able to login, and everything else works fine. What happens is when I attempt to launch an application, I receive a message stating that the Citrix server is not accepting connections. I figured it was a router/port issue, so I tested with all ports forward from outside IP to internal IP, with the same results. Unfortunately, this "When I have a spare moment" project has become a priority by my superiors, so I now have to have this working as soon as possible. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Is your internet router or firewall doing NAT? I assume so since you make refenece to internal/external IP's.

Did you do the special setup on citrix you need to do to get it to work through NAT? There is a command line you need to enter on the server to tell it what it's public address is (don't recall what the command is, but it's in the manuals) AND yu need to set up the client side to use that (option line needed in the web page if you are doing web based)

Look in the citrix manuals - the answer lies there.

If you get really stick, let me know by posting agaion here and I will go back and look at exactly what I had to do to get mine working...

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