Adding a new cascaded switch


I now have 3 of the 450 switches cascaded, I would like to add to the stack a factory defaulted 470 switch. If I just add it to the bottom of the stack should it just pick up all info from the main switch and just work? And if fore some reaosn it does not, if I take that switch and remove the cascade cables and put everything back to the way it was, should I then be able to go back to my previous working configuration without any trouble?

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First of all, backup your configuration of Baystack 450 stack and make sure the firmware version of 470 is the same as 450 before you insert 470 to a stack. The ports of 470 should be in VLAN1 after join into stack hopefully. If it doesn't work somehow or you would like to roll back the stack, you probably will need the original configuration file.

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