450 24T Pwr switch cascading problem lights blinking

I just added a 470 24 port switch to my existing 3 switch (450 series) configuration, the three 450's continue to work ok but the 470 doies not the Cas UP / Dn lights just blink all the time and they dont on the others. All I did is reset my 470 to defaults and cascade connect it. is that correct or do i do sonmething else?

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There are something you should be aware.

  1. Software version of 450 should be or higher.
  2. BayStack 450 can't be base unit in a mixed stack.
  3. A mixed stack cannot contain both a BayStack 450 and a BayStack
470-48T unit.
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That is called a hybrid configuration.

Need to make sure stack mode is set to hybrid. Need to make sure all 450 and the 470 switch Software ISVN (not sure If I have that right) is the same version number.

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the previous post is all true also, and forgot about all that myself.

Also, I have had more issues with a mixed stack. I try and run pure stacks of same models these days.

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