Which remote could you recommend for me?

Greetings, I am currently shopping for a remote control for my living room's audio/video system.

I am looking for a remote control that will not cost more than my receiver, but on the other hand will be able to control *all* the devices I currently have.

Some of these devices are from brands that aren't usually found on common remotes lists (like my LITEON DVD player), so it seems like my ideal remote will have to be some kind of a learning remote.

On the other hand, I bought a few years ago a learning remote that disappointed me because it didn't really support all the esoteric functions that can be found on the product-specific remotes that come with each and every product (for example, my Magnavox CD player has index search capabilities which no modern CD player has anymore).

So it seems that I am looking for a remote that is both learning *and* has flexible "button" layout something like the Kameleon 8-in-1 which has a touch screen instead of real buttons.

Oh - and I would like it to have at least 2 macros, so that my wife will be able to use the system... ;-)

I came across the following Kameleon 8-in-1 remote

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, but I have no idea whether it will support all my audio/video components (in the manner that I described above).

Here is a list of the components I currently have:

  • Receiver: DENON AVR-1601
  • DVD Player: LITEON LVD-2001
  • Projector: BENQ PB6200
  • VCR: JVC HR-DD8757MS
  • TV SONY KV-2184
  • CD Player: Magnavox CDB630

I am also thinking at some point to merge some of the above devices (DVD Player, CD Player) into a single media PC (which can also serve as DVR/PVR and an Internet radio receiver).

Does anyone know of a magical remote control that answers all these criteria?

Can the Kameleon 8-in-1 remote

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fit the job? Or do I have to look for a much more expensive one?

Suppose I find a good candidate, how can I tell (before ordering it) whether it can control all my devices or not?

BTW, I have heard good things about a remote control called "Harmony", but my understanding is that because it has real buttons, it cannot possibly support all the unique features found in each and every product. Is my understanding correct?

Thanks, Victor

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Might i recommend:

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has specs and reviews on several remotes.

I personally have liked the cinema-7 (one for all) remote. It allows reassignment of nearly every button (1-2 excluded i think) and the ability to send command codes which are not on even your original remote. (I got into the factory gun calibration screens on my TV once... ;) Also has a couple macro buttons, and IIRC, the ability to assign most keys to act as macro buttons. Rather nice device, IMHO. Just wish it did RF and interfaced with my X10 system. (I think the "producer-8" had the RF) ah... just noticed (on remote central) the kameleon 8 is made fby the same company... might be the new model. there is a review which i will have to read later.

Another good search term to look into is "JP1" which is an interface that many remotes these days have. It allows for computer reprogramming of your remote with a special adapter.

good luck

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Philip Lewis

Philip Lewis wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@unix42.andrew.cmu.edu:

I looked up the Producer-8 you mentioned and aparently it's discontinued. That led me to AIO's newer remotes tho. Amazon.com has what appears to be their top of the line URC 9910 for $44 and it does RF. Has anyone used this remote? Does anyone know if the RF capability can be used to control X10 devices? Just found a post that said it uses 430MHz, so I guess it's no good for X10, still sound like a pretty great remote for the price.

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Scott Hughes

Agreed. I used this site to select the Home Theater Master MX-500 a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier. I use it with an Onkyo receiver, Hitachi VCR, Toshiba TV, LG OTA HDTV tuner, ReplayTV, and a Canon camcorder. Whew!

I saw it for sale recently on-line for under $70.

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Art Gorski

I like my RS15-2117 remote, it is a true learning remote, between $20-$30 at RadioShack (I believe they are discontinued, but most place still sell them), and most of all, it can be programmed using the JP1 interface. This means you can pretty much learn any device you can think of, move keys around, create complicated macros, and even add more functionality to the remote.

I control my entire home theater with it, including my MCE based HTPC (which uses a complicated IR protocol) and other excotic equipment. The

15-2117 also has a RF repeater, but I don't use due to noise problems. The 15-2116 is the same remote, but without the RF repeater function, so it's cheaper, and probably will save on batteries.

If you can't find that remote, try to stick with a remote which is JP1 compatible (check out

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to learn more about JP1, it is the best JP1 resource on the net).

As for the Harmony remote, it also has a small LCD, where you have virtual buttons, so it should do the job (I reviewed one of them, but gave it away in a contest) assuming you have the budget for one of those.

av snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com wrote:

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I'm mostly happy with the Sony RM-VL1000 I got at Costco. There are a few dedicated buttons for stuff like digits, vol, channel. It handles something like 12 different pieces of equipment, and has 4 learnable buttons, which can be set in 3 groups for each piece. (That description is a little obscure - sorry). The legend for each button on an LCD screen is programmable. Where they dropped the ball if failing to light the screen for ANY button press, and didn't manage to line up the buttons with the line of text they go with on the screen.

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price is around $22.69.... wow... might get me to change. ;)

I don't know about the X10 Freq... think it is 318... so if the URC9910 is 330, we're out of luck... unless you replace the receiver modual freq in one of the transceivers... out of my league.

Dave H could do it in a snap, I'll bet. He can probably point you in the right direction. one way or another.

I was *told* the Producer 8 could do the RF... not sure if it actually did though.

I've also heard that the cinema-7 can do X10, but you need an IR->(RF or POWERline) repeater. can anyone confirm or have specs?

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Philip Lewis

Philip Lewis wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@unix42.andrew.cmu.edu:

With an IR to RF x10 device, any learning remote should work afaik. I'm currently using a Sony learning remote with the x10 unit (I believe it's this one:

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Works fine, but it would be nice to not need the x10 ir receiver.


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Scott Hughes

" snipped-for-privacy@comcast.net" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@l41g2000cwc.googlegroups.com:

I have the same remote. It's worlds ahead of the previous (non-learning) remote I had, but my biggest complaint is the 2-button macros. You should be able to program macros to individual buttons, rather than having to go thru a menu system to get to them.

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Scott Hughes

Here is my 2cents advise:

If money is not a subject then buy an HP iPaq rx3115 (Canadian dollar is about $350). This PDA includes all thing that you need: Wireless B, BlueTooth, and what you are looking for: A remote control. You can program it to work differently in different room (different setup for each room). The setup is very simple, just few click (4 I believe) and easy to use. It is a very good mobile device.

Again, if you are only looking for a remote control then this probably an overkill. But if you want other function as well (such as acccess to internet) then this is an awesome device for it.


PS. I don't work for HP and not hold any responsibility or liability for any of the word above. I bought the device and very happy with it so I recommend it to others.

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