mr26a returns what RF codes?

Hi all,

I've an X10 mouseremote with receiver and it works reasonably well. This jr20a remote passes some of the 'modes' to the jr21a receiver while others are only sent locally. PC, DVD, CD, Web are all sent as RF and the others get sent only as IR. This works fine.

I was surprised to also see the jr21a receiver also listens to the ur47a remotes. But the RF codes it sends are somewhat different than what the jr20a mouseremote sends. Most notably there appears to be only one 'mode', using the AUX key.

I think the mode buttons on the jr20a are basically just toggles, the don't actually change the format of the codes being sent. I think they're just used within the receiving program to indicate 'which mode' subsequent commands should be applied toward. What was odd was seeing the jr21a receiver see the cursor arrow keys on the ur47a as mode changes.

So I'm asking several things here.

Since the jr21a senses ur47a (dvd remote) signals, what would the mr26a sense from the jr20a (mouseremote)?

What, if any, 'remote' codes does the mr26a pass to girder?

What can a firecracker send in this regard? Can it send RF signals the mr26a would see as coming from a remote?


-Bill Kearney

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I'm asking more about the remote control signals. The jr20a remote (mouseremote) speaks to it's jr21a receiver on 430Mhz. Surprisingly (at least to me anyway) so does the ur47a remote; which, if I'm not mistaken, can also be used with an mr26a. So I'm wondering, in addition to the X10 commands, if the mr26a will receive these remote control key signals and pass them to the PC?

It's by extension that I'm wondering if a firecracker can send the same remote control codes (but I wouldn't be surprised if it can't).

-Bill Kearney

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The JR20A, UR47A, CM17A (Firecracker), & MR26A all use 310MHz. Any X-10 RF device that has an A as the last letter of the model number uses 310MHz. The only X-10 devices that do not are the Powermids (418MHz) and RemoteWonder (433.92MHz). Outside of N. America, all X-10 RF devices use 433.92MHz.

Most X-10 universal remotes send some of the same codes as you've seen from the UR47A but the details vary. In general, the MR26A will report only the standard X-10 codes (i.e. the same ones sent by things like the HR12A & CM17A) plus a subset of codes that use the same protocol but lie outside of the X-10 address space (the ones you noted on the UR47A). Using the binary form used in the CM17A documentation, the UR47A codes all begin with a payload byte of 11101110 (EE hex).

The MR26A does not report any of the security RF codes which also use 310MHz (in N. America) but a slightly different protocol.

To the best of my knowledge nobody has discovered any way to send anything other than the standard X-10 codes with an unmodified CM17A. The codes it can send are listed in the documentation.

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There was a thread here just after the CM17A was introduced where someone wrote an app to send all possible byte combinations to a CM17A and then logged what was reported by a CM11A. I do not recall what transceiver they used but some transceivers will do a few commands that others do not handle.

I have PIC code for the MR26 that reports all X-10 RF as well as the RF from some ADC modules I designed but the people who were selling them found insufficient interest and discontinued them.

I'm working on a mod for the CM15A that will allow it to report all X-10 RF plus allow sending arbitrary RF. The CM15A also uses 310MHz.

I haven't looked at Girder in a long time but it was always rather flexible in what you could use with it.

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