Quiet, 24VDC Motion Detector?

Hi All,

I haven't lurked around here for a while, but I now have a question that I think this group can help me with, so without further delay...

Any suggestions for a motion detector that is a) Inexpensive, b) Operates on 24 Volts DC c) Is silent/very quiet?

This would be used for detecting activity in a room (and due to the geometry of the room, I'll be using at least 3, which is why "the cheaper the better" is becomming my mantre here). I don't need pet imunity, I don't need tamper contacts, I don't need a walk test LED.

Straight PIR is fine by me, and I don't need microwave. Contacts can be normally open or normally closed.

If there isn't such a thing as a "Cheap, quiet 24 volt motion detector" I could make a "Cheap quiet 12 volt motion detector" work, but that would mean adding additional power supplies which I'd like to avoid. Large emphasis on QUIET. I used a old(er) FBII PIR for my proof-of-concept and -- this may sound wacky, but -- the sound of the relay clicking on and off drove me batty.

Bonus points if it can be purchased at retail in the Cleveland, Ohio area.



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There are hundreds of inexpensive motion detectors available. Only a few of them work with 24 VDC. Most are designed for 12 VDC. Several of the models I sell online can handle 9~16 VDC but none are rated for 24V.

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Robert L Bass

The only PIR that I've used that operates at a range between 12 and 28 VDC is Securitron's "Rex" (you can source information on one here:

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DSC manufactures a unit they call the "T-REX", but I can't get my hands on the manual at the moment and don't recall if it can handle 24 volts. Either way though, they're both noisy suckers (and used as a request to exit PIR on buildings with access control). I figure your chances of finding one to suite your particular application are pretty slim. I'd suggest "biting the bullet" and using a 12 VDC power supply and source a quiet PIR like the Paradox DG-75 from a Dealer in your area.

Good luck!

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Frank Olson

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