Moen Digital Shower

Just got a Moen digital shower. I can use it without setting up an account, but I find that the idle (ambient) screen is very bright.

Reading the docs, I MUST:

- download the app to my phone

- setup an account (wants name + address + email)

- tell the controller my home WiFi information

And then I can turn down the ambient screen.

Meanwhile I have given up a large amount of personal information, plus told Meon what my home WiFi password is, and I have an app on my phone gathering information.

I can reach the internal controller Web Page (as it has a built-in WiFi router), but all I get is a "page missing" display.

Is there a backdoor way to turn off the ambient display? Some HTTP command?

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So if anyone reads this, I worked around the privacy issue by:

- using an old phone which does not have a SIM card to download the Moen app

- using a spare wireless router (connected to my actual router) which the Moen shower controller connected to (thus hiding my real router's password)

- polluting MOEN's database by giving garbage information

After I finished setting up the shower controller, I simply disconnected everything.

A note here. Moen wanted my home actual address along with my Wifi login information. I find this very intrusive as amyone getting this information could drive by the house and attach to my network

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