Some questions from a HAI Newbie

I have picked up at a sale a Hai Omni II plus some accessories.

The price was low (an ex demo, was powered up but never used)

I had been intending of buying a new OmniLt so i know what the unit can do. However I have some questions.

It came with an ALC controller. I am not a mad lighting scenes affecionado, and was thinking , instead, of using X-10 or, better still, on reading many comments in this NG, Insteon. Am I right in thinking that Insteon is compatible with X-10 and thus i can (after buying the X-10 link) use the Omni II to control an Insteon setup? I.e. can I just put the module on ebay?

The firmware on the unit is old (the chip says 20A04-1 2.3c) can i upgrade the firmware to via software or must I buy a new chip? ( I see the 20A04-2 for $35). I cannot seem to find the diffeneces between firmwares and to why I would need the upgrade.

The unit came with the serial interface card. No problems installing it, but then must i buy PC Acess or can I move directly to weblink (even though, after reading reports it seems that HomeSeer + Plug-in is the way to go).

How does Homeseer (or Weblink) communicates with the unit?


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No! While you can configure Insteon devices to use the X-10 protocol, you lose all the advantages of using the Insteon protocol.

I'm work>It came with an ALC controller. I am not a mad lighting scenes

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Dave Houston

The house is at least 9 months away from installation so take your time! But put my email in your mailing list if you have one - it's the same as in the header but with instead of!


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The Omni uses the HAI plugin written by Homeseer. It works fairly well but still has a couple of problems. The HAI plugin adds all the OMNI devices to Homeseer with a unique house code and they can be accessed using Homeseer scripts.

The PC Access is the easiest way to set up the Omni but it can be done at the console. A little bit of a hassle entering via the console.

If you have a choice, the Dealer software does the same as the PC version plus alot more.

The differences in the firmware is a few fixes and updates. I just installed an Omni Pro IIE and it came with Version 2.11.

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If the house is under construction, you should reconsider ALC. Since it's hard-wired, it's reliability is near 100%.

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Dave Houston

But i am still unclear how it actually communicates to the Omni, via what input?

The $150 version vs to $50? of PC Access?

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But am I wrong is assuming the ALC module is placed in the same place as the serial module? or can they be stacked?

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Someone else will need to answer that. I'm familiar with Insteon and generally familiar with OnQ ALC but I do not know the HAI details. HAI does have a forum.

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Dave Houston

The older Omni communicates to Homeseer via a serial port. The newer ones Omni II, has both serial and network interfaces available.

Yes, The PC version seems to be the same as the Dealer program but with some functions turned off. Just depends on how much time you are willing to stand in front of the console going through menus a number of times to get the info added. The PC version makes much of that easier but myself I am glad I got the Dealer version.

The Omni can also be used to send X10 commands from Homeseer to the powerline through the TW523 and the same for the Ocelot. I have a couple of functions that work better using the Ocelot than with the Omni or Homeseer. The Ocelot has the ability to learn and send IR as well as X10 so I find the combination of the three, a good complete home automation system.

Take a visit and see what I have done here and see what you think.

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Like Leviton SnapLink Mobile App, NQLink work with Leviton Security&Automat ion Omni/Lumina familly Controller. NQLink use latest technology for connec tion and data processing, NQLink much faster on connect than other app that you ever seen.

NQLink Provide both connection Local IP and Outside IP or domain name with one account for all devices: Controller, Hi-Fi2, Music Sever, Camera. App a utomatically looking for available connection every time. if you switch you r phone between Local wifi to cellular data network, NQLink automatically s witch connection also.

NQLink can run in background and start with your phone reboot to give you o ption notification on system such as: Security Mode, Lighting changed state .,etc.

NQLink Supported widget for function, GEO Fencing based on GPS Technology, Camera JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP H264/H265 format.


  • Two option for display: List display and Grid Display (Touchscreen displa y mode)
  • Two connections Local IP and Domain name (Outside IP) supported
  • Looking for available connection automatically
  • Notification option for report system event
  • GPS GEO Fencing function
  • Voice control supported (Require Internet connection)
  • Supported HAI Music Gateway and Music Server
  • Supported Hi-Fi2 Equalizer Setting
  • Control light and Appliance.
  • Security management.
  • Air Conditioner Management
  • Multi Room Hi-Fi2 Audio system.
  • Macro Button Control
  • User Setting
  • Access Control
  • Room and Area manage by Users
  • Camera JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP H264/H265 format.
  • Press and hold Item desire to Re-name (Please enable Display as list in A ccount setting)

Comercial version:

formatting link

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