Interim Lighting and Wireless 5.1 Stereo?

Just moved to a new house. Its temporary for 12-18 months while we have the palace (my name for my wife's vision of our new home) built.

Prior home had an OMNI with ALC, in wall 5.1, and full network wiring. We are seriously missing out toys. Looking for ideas for:

- Wireless 5.1: Logitech makes a set of speakers, but looking for alternatives. Anybody know what else is out there or where else to look/ask

- Lower cost light control. Looking to go to Centralite in the new place. What something now. House is full of CFLs and other major noise sources so X-10 is not an option. Zigbee/Zwave does not have enough stuff out there yet. Will Insteon work in that environment? What do we do for wireless remotes?

Dlink wireless is handling the networking for now.


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Insteon is probably worth a try. If the noise sources are truly noise sources and not signal sinks you might be OK. The starter kit is relatively inexpensive and SmartHome appears to be tolerant of returns.

As yet there are no Insteon remotes but there seem to be new devices released almost daily so I expect to see them soon. You might get by using X-10 remotes, a Leviton all housecode transceiver and the just released X10/Insteon translator. Watch for Bruce Robin's posts on this - he is awaitng delivery.

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