dolby 5.1 and headphones

It is not possible; real surround 5.1 requires five speakers and a sub woofer.

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Michelle Steiner
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Most Yamaha receivers have a "Silent Cinema" mode for headphones. This mode uses HRTF (head-related transfer functions, look it up on Google) processing to simulate surround. The effect is modest at best. For more complete simulation of surround, there are special 5.1 headphones on the market.

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Hi, Just plug it into the headphone jack. Tony

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Tony Hwang

Hi there I have a Yamaha Surround amplifier.DSP A5.and a pair of headphones with surround sound.. Does anybody know if it is possible to use these headphones to listen to real surround 5.1 from the amplifier ?

Is it possible at all ?

Thanks in advance


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No, you'll need a 5.1 surround sound headphones - there are some on the market.

Otherwise you amplifer should be able to output Dolby Pro Logic (or simulated surround sound).

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Hi, Still it'll give good stereo sound. Tony

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