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Is there a device that I can connect to my Harman Kardon receiver for my headphones? Using the front panel phono jack cuts off all the speakers.

Connecting to the "audio out" is device specific and requires reconnecting when switching from DVD to cable for example.

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There are several wireless headphone setups on the market that use a "box" or receiver that is hooked up to the audio line outs on the back of your receiver much like say, a tape deck or graphic equalizer that should output

*any* signal you have selected without having to deal with switching the audio out cables between different outputs, say, dvd or cd or tv - you understand? Just about every a/v reciever has a "tape out" or general audio in/out option. Some even have a digital line input using either co-axle or optical connection or both. The headphones themselves are battery powered and receive the signal from the box receiver via line-of-sight.

I have this model:

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These are Pioneer's best wireless headphones and I highly recommend them although they are pricey. Because they are sold only in Japan, you'd need a small vol;tage converter for US wall outlets. I have a Pioneer VSX-59TXi receiver and these headphones work perfectly for late night listening when I don't want to wake the wife and kid.

Sony, Audio Technica and a few other companies make similar pairs running from around $100 all the way up to over $600 and many are sold here in the USA. To get an idea what's out there, type in eBay's search "wireless headphones."


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