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I switching to DSL, so I'm going to put a whole house filter in the basement. But I'm wondering if I need/should upgrade my wiring to the to the computer room. There's currently two 4-wire 'telephone' cables (non twisted) running to the computer room. I was thinking of replacing one of these with Cat5e to carry the DSL signal and perhaps the regular phone line. But considering the phone line to the house appears to have about 8 pairs of non twisted wires, how much is this going to matter?

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Bill Stock
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Here's what I did...

I put a junction in and split off the phone (wall jack) where the DSL modem was installed. Then used a single filter for the rest. (nothing fancy, just the one that came came with the modem).

No special wir> I switching to DSL, so I'm going to put a whole house filter in the

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AZ Woody

I've had DSL for as long as it has been available here (~8 years). I'm in a building that is ~60 tears old. The equally ancient wire from the entrance to the wall outlets is old 4-wire round telco cable. I have a long modular cable plugged into the nearest wall outlet and it gets split 3 ways to feed my phone, a modem, and the DSL router (all together about 50' of modular cable). I use one inline filter that came with the DSL kit. I am about 3/4 of a mile from the telco central station. While it varies with the weather, I regularly see speeds greater than 1.5Mbps.

Your distance from the telco central station is probably the most important factor.

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