Commercial X-10 to INSTEON translator shipping 's EZX10RF X-10 RF to INSTEON translator is shipping.

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One of the factors slowing acceptance of INSTEON has been the cost and tardiness to market of INSTEON RF solutions. The EZX10RF allows users of X-10 RF technology to migrate the powerline signaling to wholly INSTEON (not hybrid X-10+ INSTEON) technology while retaining the investment in X-10 RF hardware and setup.

This is one of a growing number of hardware translators of X-10 technology to other lighting protocols. As I noted in a recent post , a X-10 powerline to UPB is also available.

translator of the sort that I suggested five or six years ago that accepts >X-10 control signals from a PC intended for a TW-523 interface and converts >them to another protocol (UPB). They also have a converter that hears X-10 >signals on the powerline and converts them to UPB.

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