CF light bulbs and X10 modules

For some Compact Florescent light bulbs, I am finding that not every X10 appliance module work correctly. It seems to be the 2-prong modules that have this problem. But it is not every module with every CF bulb that I'm using.

The problem seems to be that they do not turn off and completely stay off. After the relay "goes click" the CF lamp turns off but then begins to blink dimly. And the relay sometimes turns itself back on. At other times this dim bl;inking continues "forever".

Is there a difference in the way 2-prong and 3-prong X10 appliance modules are designed that would be expected to cause this?

Since the neutral is not for current handling, the only dif I can see it making is perhaps better filtering in the 3-prong modules. I find it hard to imagine that the module's residual or baseline current to run itself is enough to power anything in the CF lamp.

And this is a bit of a problem in my old house where not all the wiring has been or will be replaced anytime soon with grounded romex. That particularly applies to the lighting circuits where ceiling fixture rewiring can be a very destructive process. My intent has been to switch over entirely to CF light bulbs and implement X10 for lights control.

btw I read the articles I found on X10 & CF bulbs. But if I missed the relevant paragraph, please give me the link.

Thanks ClamRake

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Dave Houston

You have to disable the sense circuitry, it's just snipping one diode. Google for it, I've done it.

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Nick Hull

After lots of searching, I found the following and am posting it here in case it can help others. Also, it looks like part of the info trhat was in the X10 kbase has been removed. That is the all important jpg has been blamked out. And I didn't find any explicit "how-to-do-this" threads in this newsgroup.

So here is what I found. Please add corrections if this is wrong.

X10 kbase link

formatting link forums relevant thread with link to pdf with picture
formatting link
Pdf with jpg on cutting the diode for ocal sense current
formatting link
========================================================== text from one post in that thread says there are two mods needed

1) cut jumper or trace to IC pin 7 2) cut or remove diode in current sensing circuit

Since there seem to be modules out here with different ciucuits but the same module number, some of the changes may not apply to the newer modules. ==========================================================

And I note that at least with the first two on the modules, one

2-prong & the other 3-prong, that I have opened up, the circuit boards appear identical. These modules are fairly old ones purchased at least 10 years ago.

So for these I make both Mods, right?

What do the newer modules look like? Does any body have a picture? & maybe a note on what mods they may need?


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