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My X10 system works fine up to I install a fluorescent light. It makes the other lights don't respond to remote commands.

What should I do, pls?

Thanks for any info!


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Flavio Silva
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X-10 lighting systems (the light switches and lamp modules) put a very small amount of current through the circuit continuously-- that's how it can tell that you turned a lamp off and then on again, if it's plugged into a lamp module. And if you do that, it Clicks On.

Fluorescent lights aren't compatible with that, so if you use fluorescent lights/bulbs, you have to run them through an appliance module (that, by the way, won't dim).

You can't put fluorescent bulbs into a fixture controlled by an X10 light switch or an X10 lamp module.

But you can plug a lamp into an appliance module and put a fluorescent bulb into it.

Shaun Eli

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Shaun Eli

I have worked on these systems before. The switching comes from a signal at the "zero crossing " of the 60hz power. Anything that puts noise on the line may interfere with the signal. They make filters to suck out harmonics, and do a fairly good job of it. John Evans

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John Evans

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