Zonealarm upgrades buggy?

Since upgrading Zonealarm (twice in the last 30 days or so)I have noticed that my internet connection is frozen for a minute or so after a fresh reboot. It does not matter which browser is used - IE or Firefox 1 (my default). It never did this before.

Closing Zonealarm will fix the problem immediately. If not, the connection will eventually come back on its own. Any one having the same problems?

xp (no sp2), P4 3Gig, cable modem, broadband router (SMC), latest upgrade of zonealarm (, latest Firefox (and IE), NAV.

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Dee Veloper
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What does ipconfig /all say, immediately after a reboot? If it gives a valid local IP address then does telnet 25 say something like

220 AVG ESMTP Proxy Server 7.0.286/7.0.289 [265.4.5] Or do you get no response? ZA may ask for permission for telnet to connect.

Examine the ZA log to see what it is blocking at the time you had problems. You need to check both firewall and program alert types. What it is blocking? DNS wouldn't surprise me.


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Jason Edwards

You might get more info by checking the Zonelabs forums:

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HTH, Free

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Adding my router to the trusted zone fixed this problem for me.


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