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Both Kerio 4.x and zone Alarm 5.5x offer freeware versions that are much better than the MS version. Kerio 4.x is a bit lighter on system resources.

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I use the Microsoft firewall and I understand it only stops stuff coming in, not going out. What firewall would people recommend that would be better. Any good free firewall programs ?

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Supplement XP's FW with IPSec that can stop inbound or outbound traffic by port, protocol and IP and it's free.

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You can implement a set of base rules with the AnanlogX file. You enable protocols on the *client* side to allow SMTP, NNTP etc, etc.
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Duane Arnold

Do not *rely* on a firewall's outbound protection, in lieu of behavior or practices that keeps malware *off* your system in the first place.

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Are you wanting this wall for a single personal PC or is this for corporate use? Is is for 1 or a whole lan? Peronally if you have something like cable Id suggest an actual firewall and not some windows packet filter. There are tons available (nix/bsd ofcause)



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