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Zonealarm 6.1.737.000

I have two computer connected to an ADSL WiFi router, they can both access the internet OK through the router.

I am trying to set up zone alarm to enable my laptop to get access to the desktop.

What is the best way to set up the Zonealarm firewall on my desktop (win2k) to allow access from my laptop (win XP)?

The IP address allocated from the ADSL WiFi router to the laptop could be from (or is it

to (I think)

should I configure using an IP range ( -

or a sub net (

What zone should I pick for it, trusted or internet?


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Have you enabled ICMP packets?

Could be much more. The entire 10.x.x.x range is not routable.

No, you need to leave an IP for the router. The range is usually - As I have only two computers, I used the addresses that the router gave them. You could also use the computer names.

I didn't need to specify the mask.

Trusted. You do trust your laptop don't you? Besides, that is what the instructions state. Jim

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In message , Jim writes


if I go into control panel | firewall and go into the advanced tab

under the icmp settings the only item checked is

"allow incoming echo requests"

none of the other options have a tick in the box.

I don't know if this is correct or not.


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Echo requests are the return packets from your ping request. So, if you sent a ping message, surely you want to enable the reply. Jim

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