Zentom System Guard virus – how to get rid manuall y

Zentom System Guard is a very dangerous fake computer security software which comes from rogue virus family. This application is a scamware which will be presented to you as a legitimate antivirus program. It will scan your system and detect non-existing viruses to scare you and then trick you into buying full version =93Zentom System Guard=94 to get rid of the viruses detected by it. You should not trust this malware as it is a bogus program created by hackers to earn money. Never buy Zentom SystemGuard because it has no ability to find and remove computer threats.

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Removal tools (or instructions for manual removal) are no solution to an infection, particularly not with malware that may download more malware or may give an attacker remote access. One can never be sure what else was modified on the system and thus can never be certain that the malware was removed entirely.


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