I need information about how to get rid of a trojan named ´Dropper´

I need information about how to get rid of a trojan named ´Dropper´

I clicked on something on a site I didn´t know(still don´t even know what site it was, I just clicked on an image showing on my screen thinking the original would be blown up). Anyway, it invaded my PC and is installed on all of my ´disks´. I have three physical disks and several partitions. Some FAT32, some NTFS. The trojan is inside(at least) all of the ´System Volume Information´ folders on all disks. Avast has recognized the invasion, in real time, but it did not forbid its entrance. Maybe because of some miss-configured parameter(I am not blaming Avast for not stopping the thing... just want to get rid of it for good...) More: I have somehow discovered where the associated programs and files were stored, by chance. So, I tried to delete them. It didn´t work, for every time I deleted the files, I had to wait for some seconds, when copies were somehow built and re-installed... Worse: multiple copies were done in such processes. Still more: as the files are no System Volume Information folders, I am not able to access them anymore. Windows forbids me to do so. So, can anyone help me? Is there any way to get some kind of vaccine, sent to me in an appropriate format, so that it doesn´t get infected before I can use it? Lastly, I have tons of data I can´t lose in those disks. Two of them are 250 gigs and one is 30 gigs(this one was installed in an attempt to have a new copy of Windows XP, but I have found out it got infected almost as soon as it was installed,,, still, the operating system is there and working... but I am almost sure my mouse and my keyboard drivers are affected,,, and this is dreadfull...), all of them about

60% full... Any help welcome. Thank you all in advance... (and please, anyone who thought of it... don´t send me similar things... I can´t stand anymore of it... :-[ ) Foca
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Hi Foca,

Sorry to hear of your troubles. That's a hard way to learn these lessons. :-\

You are faced with an extremely invasive malware infection, and the only reliable foolproof method to get back to a known clean state is to flatten, reformat, and reinstall the OS from original media. There are utilities that claim to clean things, but you can never be sure they got "everythign" and even in the best case you're left with a system that might no longer be the drone of some remote master, it still wont' be terribly stable since the "cleaning" process soemtimes rips out some functionality your OS really needs.

To get the data you need off, a utility disk like Sysresccd.org, a bootable CD that runs Linux (without executing one bit of code off your infected hard drive) and an external hard drive can be wonderful. You'll have to learn the basics of mounting the disks and doing the copying from the internal hard drives to the external box, but it's not too bad. Tutorials are out there, and help is around for the asking.

Once your new OS has been restored on your freshly formatted disks, and all updates applied either from another machine with all the patches downloaded, or much more easily, Windows Update from behind a consumer home gateway device of some sort, youn run AV against the data you backed up before restoring it back as data to your system, and you can be on about your way.

Best Regards,

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Todd H.

Now that's one of the few things I agree on with people here. The ONLY way to get rid of a malware infection is to totally reinstall Windows. Now, one guy from the broadcasting newsgroups will say otherwise, but reinstalilng the OS is the only POSSIBLE way to fix the problem.

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