Pc Security Guardian virus, how to remove

Pc Security Guardian is a fake software. infact this useless program is a rogue virus which is designed to extort your money by selling fake security softwares to you. Anyways, To get rid of the fake PcSecurityGuardian, install an anti malware program or to remove this virus manually, follow the manual removal steps as instructed herein

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Removal tools (or instructions for manual removal) are no solution to an infection, particularly not with malware that may download more malware or may give an attacker remote access. One can never be sure what else was modified on the system and thus can never be certain that the malware was removed entirely.


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Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers

Your unstinting corrections to Darfun's posts are much appreciated.

To add weight, a particular example.

Fake-AV arrived on a machine at work. It was particularly strange as it executed, was not blocked by the corporate AV but was detected on execution. Turns out it was encrypted on delivery and the signature only revealed itself on decryption.

A copy of the malware was removed for further analysis. It had made modifications to registry entries, file permissions, registry permissions and had modified the contents of several files, the HOSTS file being among them, redirecting many popular search pages to IP an IP address not related to searching.

So, when Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers says removal tools are not effective, it's not just FUD, it's fact.

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Bilbo Warble

In a well set up corporate environment, reimaging is, apart from being infinitely more effective, pretty much always also a much cheaper and easier option than trying to dig this crap out by hand.

Only real exception to this might be mobile users.

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You did notice this thread is over three months old, right?

Is this guy still offering his virus supply service? You'd think that people would recognize a problem by now.

Yes, but it makes lots of money for the virus/mal-ware suppliers.

This has ALWAYS been a well known problem with anti-mal-ware software. Third item on "Risks-Forum Digest Sunday 7 August 2011 Volume 26 : Issue 53" (news://comp.risks/) from the ACM discusses this stupidity.

But the poor starving anti-mal-ware providers _NEED_ you to install their latest mal-ware. How else can they make money?

It's also cheaper to simply fire the employee who thinks that visiting their favorite gaming and pr0n site is required as part of the job. If your employees need to use a computer to game, view pr0n, or check their personal email or social media sites, a "public computer" in the lobby or break area with an Internet connection but NO connection to the company network (and no removable media) is a simple solution.

Trivially controlled - same rules about not using the company computer for personal reasons. Computers leaving the facility are wiped and a clean image installed to prevent data loss, computers entering the facility are wiped and a clean image installed to prevent malware entering. Incoming data on the computer can be mailed to a quarantine server for inspection before being delivered internally.

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