Which is the best firewall appliance for me ?


I'm looking for a firewall appliance to install between two internal networks. I suggested a Linux box with iptables and two NICs but the company I'm working for doesn't like home made solutions, they explicitly want a hardware firewall to partition the internal network. I need something simple though (no VPN since there is no external access...), easy to configure and relatively standard.

Can you help ?


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You didn't provide much information to work with.

If you want an appliance, look at WatchGuard, the x700 series and above, I love them.

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Easy to configure and a big name in network security products is the Check Point Safe@Office. You can find information and compare prices here:

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. I think's it's cheaper than the WatchGuard but I could be wrong.

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Think carefully about what kinds of protections you want to put between the Internal networks. If you're just filtering ports and IP's, you can use just about anything on the market. I like NetScreens and Fortigates for that, everybody has thier favorites though. Pick one whose interface you like and whose pricing and license structure you like.

If you're doing Intrusion Prevention or Anti-Virus between segments, you should seriously consider the Fortigate. All the Fortigates except the 50A can do HA clustering too, for redundancy and increased performance.


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I think you should look at the Sidewinder G2. from

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If you are looking for an application layer Firewall. Which I hope that you are looking at!! If you are looking for a UTM (Unified Threat Management security appliance) this is the box that you need.

Fortigates have IPS but when was the last Signiture written? And this statement goes for Cisco, PIX aswell. Look at Cisco Documentation as to what happens to the Speeds when IPS is turned on.

The above Firewalls are Statefull Inspection and do not look at what is going thru the firewall just that the port is open.

Oh and Yea they just aquired CyberGuard! So now they have the best that is on the Market!

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I think u have to clear what all the ports u want access between the two networks. besides that Fortigate is well established and proven Firewall,

Go through this site

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and deciede what comes in your range. If its small com. then youshould go for Fortigate-50A Go through the datasheets before and decisions.

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