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I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on a firewall for a small business.

I want to have 3 separate internal networks, one on a DMZ for outside people to get to and access, and two on the inside for normal business use, and an extra interface for "just in case", possibly something like a development LAN. So I'm guessing I only need 4 inside interfaces. There will most likely only ever be about 2-4 users coming in from the outside (8 people total in the company).

Would the PIX 515E be a good choice here? Money isn't a problem, but I'm afraid going anything above the 515 would be overkill. Does this sound about right?

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I dunno, it seems to me that the writing is on the wall for the demise of the PIX hardware pretty soon replaced all with the ASA boxes.

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Doug McIntyre

ASA 5510

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