Help! Sonicwall SOHO2 firewall appliance

I got a used Sonicwall SOHO2/10 firewall appliance off of eBay. It was reasonable ($200) and the owner transferred all of the registration to me so I can download firmware and such from

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So I get the firewall today and the power adapter. No manual. Oh well, I'll just go to the site to get the PDF manual. Got the first set of instructions which were totally wrong. Went back, got the correct instructions. Plug cable from cable modem (SB3100) into WAN port of SOHO2. Plug a cable from the WAN port on my Linksys BEFW11S4 into the LAN port of SOHO2. WAN lights up like a Christmas tree, but LAN lights are totally dead. Disconnect router from firewall's WAN port and plug cable directly from PC into WAN port and change PC's IP to Blam, I can hit the firewall now at Says firmware is corrupt. Upload new firmware. Tada, I'm in. I setup the firewall with no NAT and no DHCP.

So now I disconnect PC from LAN port, plug PC back into port 1 in Linksys and plug the Linksys back into the firewall. Nada! WTF! I can ping my other PC in the other bed room and my JetDirect print server, but when I try to ping my firewall, whose address I changed to, the same addressing before I get the firewall, I get nothing! It's as if the firewall turns itself off when it detects that it's being plugged into the router (the firewall WAS pingable when I had it hooked up directly to my PC).

Needless to say, this firewall will be pretty useless if the only way it works is with one PC and not a router. I would like to protect the other PC that has a wireless connection by putting it behind the firewall.

Thanks for any advice.


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Adam Leinss
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While I am digging net for the firmware of SonicWALL SOHO2, I found you

thread. I have the same problem you had. My SonicWALL says curren firmware is corrupted. Because I didn't register before, I couldn' downlad firmware from

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. Is it possible to ask yo to send the firmware? Please forgive me disturbing you, but I couldn' find any solution for 2 months.

Best regards,


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