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Hi there, I have 8 routers (2x2620 and 6x2500) , 1 ISDN switch simulater and 1x 2950 switch. I'm planning to use these for my ccna, ccnp lab. Iwant to add a firewall to this. Which firewall do you recommend? Do you think these items are good enough for CCNP as well?

Thanks Bill

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Well, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to stay Cisco, you have 2 choices. If you need just firewall experience, get either a PIX501 or 506 with PIX OS 6.3 or newer. If you want to do some stuff with DMZ ports, things get more expensive. A PIX 515e or larger is needed to get dmz ports, plus an interface card is needed to plug into the chassis in order to get those ports. In my opinion, a 501 is fine for learning NAT, VPN, etc. If you can master the capabilities of the

501, a dmz setup won't take you long to learn when you finally get your hands on one.


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you can get a low end pix 501 with pixos version 7.0 and create subinterfaces to simulate the dmz

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I wonder if pix 7 can be run on pix 501

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