Norton Antivirus is a SCAM

My parents got a new computer, and I apparently damaged the Norton (symantec) antivirus program. While trying to reinstall I spoke with their call center three times, and I was unable to enter the key code they had in a new downloaded program. So I had to get the new updated version for year 2007. Because my mom insisted upon it.

I wrote a detailed letter to the President of Symantec and never received a reply. I guess I should write the board members and let them know how f-ed up their authenication system is. I had a valid key code that I had downloaded FROM THE NORTON WEBSITE but the program said it was only valid for the fifteen day trial.

Next time I am home, I'm gonna delete the f-ing program from Mom's computer and buy her a year's worth of AVG..

My advice: Do NOT buy Norton, there is NO competent customer support. I could never understand what the f-ing Pakis were saying from their f-ing indian call center.

Try AVG antivirus

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even have a free version. Do NOT USE NORTON, it slows your computer down terribly.

A Pissed Off Customer

Gitmo is a war crime.

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You sound like a bitter non-technical wanna be. And gitmo is the reason you're free to make that statement.

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Norton is a memory hog, try Anti-Vir, it's free and has a higher detection rating than AVG or Norton. It's in our software section,


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Way to go!

Good for her for insisting on some sort of working AV


It is an utter PITA, for sure.

Or better, Avast. Or NOD32. Or kaspersky.

What were Pakistanis doing in their call center in India? You are aware those are 2 separate countries right?

Did you learn your persuasiveness there?

In the event you're serious about all this, and aren't just trolling, I'd say you're about 14 year old suburban white kid who needs to calm down a bit, and that your frustrations with Norton crap are shared by thousands of former customers who've simply voted with their feet to purchase other products.

AVG isn't a terribly effective AV as things go. It's heuristic tests appear to lag the competition on unknown malware per teh testing at

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Todd H.

Gitmo has nothing to do with freedom its the exact opposite actually.

Definitely nailed it on the first part though, sounds like some red neck cant figure out how to run thier software.

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usa has their own indians to go with their cowboys, so I don't see why india can't have some of there own pakistanis.

Jim. :)

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James Egan

So what's he been up to since he stopped posting to acv?

Jim :) .

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James Egan

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Hank Sniadoch

Naa - all these are foreign companies, you don't want to touch them. So is Grisoft. Find a nice 'Merkin company and use them, you'll be happier, really. ;-)

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Nah. The real SCAM is when you renew your annual NAV update license.

NAV starts warning you 30 days in advance and the renewal is one year from the date you process the renewal. For example if your current license would expire on April 30th but you renew on April 1st, your new license expires on April 2nd of next year and you effectively paid double for April 1 thru 30 of this year!

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James T. White

The scam's on you pal.

There's no need to pay Symantec to renew NAV if you use NAV version

2002. You just un-install then re-install the product to get another year of updates.
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Virus Guy

Virus Guy wrote in news:

How effective would a 5 year old antivirus solution be without engine updates? Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think Symantec supports the

2K2 any longer with application updates- only with dats. I know the tech support has ended for sure as per their support site.
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Engine updates automatically accompany definition templates when necessary. Find this thread:

******************* Subject: Re: McAfee or Norton on New Notebook? Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 12:32:30 -0400 From: kurt wismer Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus

Virus Guy wrote: [snip]

ok, i'm now reasonably convinced nav2002 currently can be updated to the latest engine...


What Norton/Symantec says, and what the reality is, are two different things.

A fully updated (Win-98) system running NAV 2002 will have these:

navex32a.dll 20071.1.1.10 AV Engine Jan 31, 2007 naveng32.dll 20071.1.1.10 AV engine Jan 31, 2007

Process Explorer confirms that those files are in use during a NAV

2002 scanning process.
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Virus Guy

Virus Guy wrote in news:

OK, thanks for clearing that up. I haven't dealt with Symantec for some time, I thought I had read that after the 2K5 release that 2K2 would no longer be supported for updates to the application itself. Memo to me....


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