"Antivirus" software gone bad! (Symantec)

I bought a new asus motherboard that was bundled with a number of applications. One was listed as "Anti-virus" software. When I went to install it, it said it was going to install Norton Internet Security and I would have a 90-day trial period.

It seemed resasonable enough at the time. I accepted it, and it installed. However, it keeps blocking apps I want to allow onto the internet. I can't find any way to allow individual apps accessl. Even more pernicious, it refuses to allow me to remove it.

It insists that I provide the password to the "Supervisor" login. I don't _have_ a Supervisor login. My normal login with full administrative access is rejected as "not having correct permissions".

I'm not really a Windows user, I mostly use linux. Windows is just to run games that don't run under cedega. So, I don't know all the intricacies of XP. Where is my "Supervisor" login hidden and how do I set/reset the password, so that I can get this effing software off my computer?


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default password is symantec.. if that doesnt work you might need to call an exorcist.

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try this:

73, rich, n9dko
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