sonicwall soho 10

Can anyone out there help me out?? In an effort to keep my kids from "IM"ing in the middle of the night I unplugged the ethernet cord from my modem ( ihave a wireless system, using the linksys 54g router). When I plugged it back in the system wouldn't work. Right now I can connect to the internet if I plug the cable directly into my computer, but not in a wireless mode. My computer indicates it is receiving a signal from the router so I suspect it is the sonicwall unit which is mucking things up. I called sonicwall, but don't have a support contract (really $$$ for the little use I'd get out of it) and my filtering subscription has expired. The tech said I had to reinstate my settings or something. We've moved cords around and tried a lot of things, but I can't seem to make it happen. at this point I'm even concerned that I have the cords mixed up.

This is how it is set up now (if I were to disconnect the ethernet cable from my computer):

ethernet cable from modem to sonicwall WAN port grey ethernet from sonicwall "to computer" port #3 connects to linksys port #3 (no name label) blue ethernet from sonicwall "to computer" port #2 connects to linksys port labeled "internet"

I have tried power cycling a few times, no difference.

Am I connected correctly? why won't it work? Also, does anyone know of another "content filtering" product out there which gives the flexibility of the sonicwall (hopefully for less $$), ie which allows access to sites at certain times of day, but not others, instead of just prohibiting access all the time?

Oh please help if you're willing.

Thanks so much L. Victor

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