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I'm in the process of configuring a SonicWall 4060 and I've run into a bit of a problem. On running the "Setup Wizard" (I found it nearly useless), I haven't been able to produce any outbound traffic. I have set up "Accept any" rules from the LAN to the WAN and vice versa (it's in a simulated environment, not online). I set up a NAT rule for one of my internal machines to an external IP address and I can ping it, but trying to do the same from the internal machine out doesn't get any response. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Setup: : will be used as a gateway to private subnets. : IP address of a private computer. : Internal IP address of the SonicWall unit. 99.999.44.98: External IP address of the SonicWall unit. 99.999.44.97: IP address of the router that connects to the internet. 99.999.44.99: IP address of an external computer for testing 99.999.44.106: NATed static IP address for internal computer. (Recently added)

As it stands I can ping from to (internal computer to internal SonicWall) to (internal SonicWall to internal computer) to 99.999.44.99 (internal SonicWall to external test computer) 99.999.44.98 to (external SonicWall to internal computer) 99.999.44.99 to 99.999.44.106 (external test computer to NATed internal computer)

But not from to any external IPs.
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-snip- I don't have a Sonicwall, but something looks odd here: Don't you have to conform to the normal IP address scheme even in a simulated environment? How is '999' interpreted? Could you try with something

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Rolf Blom

I didn't state that, but those IP addresses are normal. Sorry for any confusion. I just don't like publishing IP full address for half configured firewalls.

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