Settings for Norton Personal Firewall to allow images

Here's one you may have seen before: from time to time, I get the dreaded red "X" (or its equal with Opera or Mozilla) where an image should be if Norton Personal Firewall is enabled; if I disable it, the image is viewable. I know that a GENERAL site can be configured as a trusted site, but what if a site has several levels/pages that are accessed from the home page? How does one configure an entire site, the various levels/threads (for a message board) included so that one sees any image on any page?

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You should find a solution that doesn't have all the junk bells and whistles that's providing no protection on the issues you're talking about, it's just in the way, and is less complicated.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Thanks. That may be a long-term solution, but I'm looking for a short-term fix in the meantime.

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