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I am using sygate pesonal firewall 5.5. Ocassionally a Norton antiviurs window pops up saying :

Object Name: C:\\documents and settings\\NetworkService\\temproary internet files\\ exploit[1].html

Virus Name: Trojan Horse

Action Taken: Unable to repair this file.

Although Norton can't repair this file it does not seem to be giving me any problems that I know of unless OE window closing on me and some IE pages not loading are a result of it.

I basically use sygates default settings because I have no idea what most of the settings are. Is there something I can do with sygate to keep from getting this exploit file? Or any other virus? Or am I protected against this trojan horse since it doesn't seem to be doing anything?

Also if anyone has the time to explain, can a temp html file do any damage? When I click the OK button in the nortons virus alert window norton says access to the file was denied. But I can go to the folder and delete it??

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Clean your browser cache. That will fix your problem.

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Thanks, will do.

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