Linksys router and Norton Personal Firewall


I've scoured the newsgroups for answers, but have found none.

I recently bought a Linksys 4-port router (wired) to establish a home network using our cable internet connection. I followed the instructions, and quickly got both pc's to connect to the internet without problems. We have Norton Anti-virus and Personal Firewall.

This morning, my wife ran a Live Update for Norton Personal Firewall and now, with the firewall enabled, no internet. With the firewall disabled, we have internet.

Our main pc is running Windows XP Home and the other Win98.

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong?


Anthony ( ..... the AOL account is closed)

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I would delete all of the Firewall rules and select ASK for all the rules that it's going to want to create. Since you changed networks I would guess that it has not learned about the new change and is blocking everything.

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