How to manage IP address and how to perform subnetting, i have a good idea

I found a good network management software -IPMaster, recommend it to you. You can download this software at

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IPMaster is a IP address management software. It provides visual IP address assignment(network topology tree), automatic subnet calculator, mask calculation, subnetting, network segment scanning, host monitoring, ping, traceroute, telnet, and netsend etc. It supports VLSM( Variable Length Subnet Masks) and CIDR( Classless Inter-Domain Routing). The purpose of this software is to assign and manage IP address efficiently for enterprise network.

Key features of IPMaster:

  1. Visual IP address management function. The whole interface is divided into three parts: the left part is network topology tree, display subnet hierarchy, right part is the content of subnet, the bottom part is tip message area.
  2. Automatic subnetting function. The system provides automatic subnet calculator, at the sub-divisible subnet node, input "Amount of Subnets", "Hosts in each Subnet" or "Subnet Mask", the system will generate child subnet under the target subnet automatically.
  3. Manual subnetting function. The system provides manual subnet calculator, at the sub-divisible subnet node, input "IP address", "subnet mask", the system will generate a designated child subnet under the target subnet.
  4. Relevant function of host. The system provide functions such as ping, traceroute, telnet, net send etc.
  5. Scan function. The host name, MAC address and user name of all hosts in the target subnet can be getted automatically.
  6. Monitoring function. The system can monitor the running status of the monitored host, when the host is shutdown, the tip message area would warn by red hints.
  7. Search function, the user can search relevant message in the IP address management library by subnet ID, host IP or name.
  8. Output function, all the information in the IP address management library can be output to a Excel file.
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joe tomson
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Anyone who needs software like that shouldn't be setting up networks in the first place. Besides, what does this have to do with security or firewalls?

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It's called spam. Stop replying to spammers and get a life, stupid.

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