SBS web access through Sonicwall

With SBS Standard without ISA, and a TZ170, are you comfortable opening port

80, as well as the ports for OWA?

Does the TZ170 do stateful inspection on an open port? Does ISA?

I know ISA is considered safe when having the standard MS web services open. But is the configuration of a firewall appliance and a server with 1 NIC equivalent to ISA and a server with 2 NICs?

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Tom Del Rosso
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80/HTTP - NO, never, not once. 443/HTTPS - sure, no problem.

Read the spec's online.

The standard is to NOT run a firewall on a production server that does anything OTHER THAN act as a firewall. While many consider ISA safe, ISA is best used on a dedicated server that has no other functions.

As for SBS, well, I purchase firewall appliances, not those cheap NAT crappy wanna be devices, but full firewalls, and then use a single NIC solution to make life easy.

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