Netscreen CLI (edit policy)

Say I would like to add HTTPS to policy 25 via the CLI --

Does anyone know the CLI string ? -- I can do it via the GUI, but I would like to utilize the CLI as much as possible.

Thanks - AL

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You can't "add it to the policy".

You could change the policy to use HTTPS instead of whatever it has now. (set policy id 25...)

You could add HTTPS and whatever it has now to a Service Group and change the policy to refer to that service group. (set service group ... set policy id 25...)

You could add a similar policy with a different index and move it to in front of policy 25. (set policy id 225... move policy id 225...)


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Of course you can.

Using the OP's example:

ns-> set policy id 25 ns(policy:25)-> set service https ns(policy:25)-> exit ns->

Now policy 25 permits https in addition to whatever protocols it previously permitted


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