SmartTracker Logging Issue

I'm using NGX 62 and for some reason I'm not seeing the packets being dropped within Tracker. I've made sure that each rule is tracking and has logging enabled and everything in Global Properties looks good. What am I missing or overlooking. Could this be a SIC issue? Any help on this would be appreciated.

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Is this a distributed setup or a standalone? Do you see allowed packets or not? Are you sure the packet is dropped? (traffic capture on incoming/ outgoing interface or fwmonitor) Do you have an active filter in SmartView Tracker?

If SIC isn't working you wouldn't be able to do much with your firewall. Go to your firewall object in the dashboard and click on properties ->

communication -> test sic

Br. Robby

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Robby Cauwerts

Quick question. Do you have a "clean-up" rule? That is; an Any -Any- Any - Drop - Log rule as your last rule?

Wayne McGlinn Brisbane, Oz

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