ZoneAlarmFree - Updating/Upgrading?

Hi folks,

[PC running WinXP Pro fully patched]

I have been using the free version of Zone Alarm as my personal firewall for several years now with no trouble. I am still running version 6.5.737.000, and everything works great. I occasionally get alerts from Secunia telling me that my version is no longer secure and that I should upgrade. After scanning the ZAF Forums it sounds like there's total confusion as to what version is needed to update what. There are some newer versions available, but they seem to be Trial versions which include other software modules like AV, Anti-Spam, etc.

So, I could use a little advice, and basically my questions are these:

Is there a current stable version of the Zone Alarm Free (firewall only) that I can upgrade my older 6.5.737.000 version to? I do not want or need another Anti-Virus program, or any other package deal or software suite, I just want to replace/upgrade the personal firewall itself.

Does anyone know if such a thing from Zone Alarm exists? (And if so, where/how did you find it?) Alternatively, is there another brand of (free) Personal Firewall that you would recommend instead?

Thanks in advance!

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Neil Turkenkopf
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You're most welcome, Neil. The answer lies within my message. Do yourself a favor (and I don't mean to sound patronizing) and do some reading and research. And don't get blinded by all that phoney baloney advertizing hype. Let me know if you wish me to elaborate on 'The best defenses are'... Good luck :-)

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I quite expected Seb. G. to give Neil a mauling - maybe it's to come!

Jim Ford

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Jim Ford

It looks like you beat him to it, with your actions.

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