Norton Internet Security - What a pile of ^%&%&%

Just bought and installed Norton Internet Security 2005

The anti spam, adds anti spam to every email, even those listed as 'allowed' that only contain simple text.

The firewall has done something to our peer to peer network: added the computers by address as suggested, but guess what? The computer still refuses to give us access to the other machine.

The cd doesnt show any files.

My USB storage disks (memory sticks & zip drive) dont work.

Internet Security, has option to enable manually, rather than at boot, but after rebooting, security is still enabled?????

If this product was from a small company they would have gone bust!

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works with no issues for me or my other family members that have it. it certaintly does suck in some areas, but mostly is fine for us.

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I wish it did for me!

I have now found that my peer to peer will work as long as the security setting is 'LOW' why? I want top security from the internet and no security between my two PC's.

Also I am developing, or rather was developing a web site using a flash movie, but now I cant see any flash movies!


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It's just a matter of configuring it correctly. It's an excellent firewall, but a pain in the a.. neck sometimes.

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Nathan Gibney

I have tried everything on the support page about viewing websites, non of it is helping, still cant see my flash movies. Spent hours turning pop ups and adds off, adding url's etc trying everything i can think of but nothing seems to work. Others can see the flash movies, my other pc sees them when working off line, but nothing on this one :(

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