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I have a home network consisting of 2 pc's, both running XP Pro. I just downloaded the new update (Version for ZA Free for the internet gateway PC and now it wont allow internet access to the other PC.

+( The internet gateway PC works just fine with the upgrade. The settings are identical to the previous version and zones are set on medium just like the previous version. The XP firewall has been unblocked in the advanced settings in ZA. Everything is the same as the previous version 'Except" for the bug now explained above. How do I download the previous version again? Where do I find it and what number version is it?

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I don't use ZA but as far as I'm aware the free version does not permit ICS. They do have to persuade people to get the paid version somehow you know, but that doesn't mean I recommend ZA pro. Get yourself an external box designed to share your internet connection and forget about ZA.

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that makes your (or anyone else) think "how do I stop things going out" then there are a few things you can do. You could get a suitable external box that allows you to control who you can connect to. You could stop installing software that connects to things you don't want it to connect to. You could learn to find out what is actually in your computer by using this site
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site on its own will do far more for the security of a Windows PC (behind NAT or better) than any personal software firewall will, but it does take a bit of experience to decide whether items listed as unknown should be removed or not.


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You don't specifically say that you are using Internet Connection Sharing to access the gateway, but if you are, try Sygate Personal Firewall (free) or Zone Alarm Pro ($) instead of the free ZA.


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