network monitor for belkin gateway

No it does not. Belkin wireless and wired routers have no logging features, they are just shitty plain featured devices.

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Anyone know of a good network monitor I can yse to monitor the traffic through a belkin gateway and connected network.

The problem I have is that is that the belkin does not say what clients are connected to it and where they are connecting too.

Home P-P network with XP OS on each PC. Belkin wireless G gateway/modem.


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"GavT" wrote in news:ctllca$28d$

If the router doesn't have any logging feature that logs the traffic, then there is nothing that can be logged. Does it have logging?

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

You need SNMP in a router in order to monitor the traffic or the router has to do it itself. No belkin does this.

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