Needed: firmware for sonicwall tele soho

I purchased a sonicwall tele soho with a corrupted firmware. I cannot d/l from the company without proof of purchase from the original registered owner and I cannot find that person. Can someone u/l a usable firmware for the unit? Thanks a million in advance, LJJ

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That would be illegal.

There are licensing issues.

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T. Sean Weintz

Licensing issues. Yes. I am stuck with a nonfunctional vpn unit, out of money, wasting time... because of sonicwall's licensing issues that brand me a thief. I have spent about $10,000 on sonicwall boxes, all new. This is my only used unit. I think this is an excellent time to reasses my continuing financial support of the company. Well, this tele unit will be a doorstop and I am going shopping for a competitors unit :)

Thanks for the advice Sean, LJJ

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Had the same issue when I got a SonicWall Pro from a department in the company that was shut down. Did a factory reset, and was stuck with the "Corrupt firmware" message.

Just contacted the Norwegian reseller (Infinigate), and they did a reset of the ownership information at

formatting link

Has to register an account at the mentioned site, and register the serial for the SonicWall Pro to download firmware and other software for the firewall.

So, really, this should not be a problem for you as a large SmoothWall customer.

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