Kerio 2.1.5 questions

I have had trouble applying the block all inbound rule. When I apply this rule I cannot use my machine normally. It blocks inbound connections that I want. Many people seem to use this rule successfully, but in my case it seems to block the sites I wish to visit. Can anyone advise

I use block all outbound successfully. I can connect outbound without a problem. Bearing in mind that I am blocking all outbound, how am I able to connect. Can anyone explain (block all inbound disabled)

Regarding the anti-spoofing blocking rules. Please can someone tell me why these blocking rules are important



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Unless you are running a server, the only inbound traffic you should need are certain UDP packets for DNS and possibly DHCP, depending on your internet service. You will need to add rules to allow those connections and place them before your block all rule in the rules list.

Set your block all rule to log, try a connection that fails and check the log to see what is being blocked. Write a permit rule to allow that connection. Make it as tight as possible.

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