Kerio 2.1.5 adding posts to block "virus flood"

You can certainly add any rules you like to the rule set. I prefer to keep it as short and compact and simple as possible. But there's nothing saying you can't add rules to block specific ports. If you're talking about inbound traffic though, why not just put a block all rule at the end to shut out anything else? To me, this is easier than adding a dozen rules for specific ports. Unless there's some other reason for them...

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I'm hearing conflicting information in adding specific port rule block assignments to the rule-set to stem the possibility of any new nasties getting in.

Anyone have any comments on this?

Running Kerio [v2.1.5]

TIA Silj

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Another place you might enjoy for Kerio support:

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Some pretty knowledgable Kerio folks there. :)

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Ah, the famous block all rule, which I had forgotten. Now in place, thanks! The "Blarp" Kerio FAQ pages can be pulled via the Web Archive, btw - Some pages I've been going over:


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